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SOBICAIN, responded positively and have already printed an edition of  "La Bible des Peuples", a full container of 22,500 copies, that in a short time will be sent as a gift together with all the payments received and the corresponding taxes.  To ensure that the donation will directly reach the recepients, the Daughters of St Paul of Santo Domingo will work gratuitously in the diffusion.  The overall management has been realised in Madrid and Barcelona by the Executive Director of SOBICAN, Fr. Francisco Anta, SSP, with whom they have generously collaborated in "Artes Gráficas Carasa" and the hardbound "Gómez Aparicio" (Madrid) and the paperbound publication of  "Miquel y Costas" (Barcelona).

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Agenda Paolina

August 14, 2020

Memoria di S. Massimiliano Maria Kolbe, sacerdote e martire (rosso)
Ez 16,1-15.60.63 oppure 16,59-63; Cant. Is 12,2-6; Mt 19,3-12

August 14, 2020

* PD: 1975 a Cúcuta (Colombia).

August 14, 2020

SSP: D. Salvatore Alessandria (1966) - D. Antonio Diaferia (1990) - Fr. Giancarlo Cavazza (1992) - D. Pio Bracchi (2001) - Fr. Rosario Scarnato (2009) - D. Virgílio Tito da Silva Ribeiro (2011) • FSP: Sr. Elvira Pusceddu (1979) - Sr. Marcella Voerzio (1980) - Sr. M. Palma Salzani (1983) - Sr. M. Rosangela Natsuko Isano (1996) - Sr. Mary Joseph Shirai (2000) - Sr. M. Claudia Parco (2010) • PD: Sr. M. Zelia Calafiore (2016) • ISGA: Martin Lorenzini (2018) • ISF: Luise Pearcy (2018).