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In his opening remarks, Fr. Johnson Chacko Vattakunnel said: “This meeting is triggered by the resolutions our Provincial and Regional Superiors and Directors of Apostolate during the last plenary meeting of the CAP-ESW held in Tokyo from February 10-14, 2009. Many serious and valuable suggestions came up during that meeting with regards to our formation and a number of  resolutions were made. However, no concrete actions were initiated to realize the resolutions of the meeting. Hence the current meeting was planned.”

The meeting which follows the theme of the IX General Chapter of the Congregation: “Rekindle the gift you have received: Creative fidelity to the hundred years of Pauline Charism, ”  devoted the first day to the reports on Formation of the Circumscriptions and to issues that emerged with the participants relating their reports to the different agenda formulated in the Tokyo Meeting. 

MESSAGE FROM SIF (English - Italian)




Agenda Paolina

July 05, 2022

Feria (verde)
S. Antonio Maria Zaccaria, sacerdote
Os 8,4-7.11-13; Sal 113B; Mt 9,32-38

July 05, 2022

* SSP: 1948 in Vaticano - 1997 a Mérida (Messico).

July 05, 2022

SSP: D. Domenico Valente (1988) - D. Roberto Mozzachiodi (2002) - Fr. Massimo Comarin (2016) • FSP: Sr. M. Elisa Rios (1990) - Sr. M. Giovanna Morbini (2008) - Sr. Angela Magri (2010) - Sr. Elisabetta Franco (2018) • PD: Sr. M. Paula Anselmo (2000) - Sr. M. Adelaide Messina (2013) • IGS: D. Mario Fogagnolo (1988) • IMSA: Epifania Lo Nigro (2008) • ISF: Ada Barria (2007) - Luigi Tisbi (2009).