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Appreciating the service of the Society of St Paul to the Indian Church through social communications, His Grace exhorted the members to be involved pastorally in the joys and sorrows of the people of India, who live in a nation that is fast developing.  Giving Jesus is the answer to all the concerns in the Indian society and this should be the prime goal of every religious.


ev. Fr Silvio Sassi  thanked the Archbishop and said that our service to the Church and the society is through the media of social communications. He also expressed his confidence in the bright future of the India-Nigeria province. 

Rev Fr Michael Raj felicitated the Archbishop for his graceful presence and thanked the Provincial and councilors of PDDM for their encouraging presence at the inauguration.


Agenda Paolina

15 avril 2021

Feria (b)
At 5,27-33; Sal 33; Gv 3,31-36

15 avril 2021

* SJBP: 1953 ad Albano Laziale, Casa Madre (Italia).

15 avril 2021

SSP: D. Settimio Sirito (1992) - Fr. Carmelo Miatto (2002) - Fr. Simón Ruiz (2016) • FSP: Sr. Bridgit Maliakel (2004) - Sr. M. Vittoria Demontis (2020) • PD: Sr. M. Imelde Ontivero (1978).

Pensieri del Fondatore

15 avril 2021

Prima conoscere, ossia avere una mentalità pastorale nello scrivere, nello stampare e nel diffondere. Una mentalità pastorale e un cuore pastorale: essere anime che amano davvero le anime (FSP61*, p. 165).

15 avril 2021

Lo primero es conocer, o sea tener una mentalidad pastoral al escribir, al imprimir y al difundir. Una mentalidad pastoral es un corazón pastoral: ser almas que aman de veras a las almas (FSP61*, p. 165).

15 avril 2021

First thing is to understand, that is, to have a pastoral mentality in writing, printing and distributing. A pastoral mentality and a pastoral heart: to be souls who truly love souls (FSP61*, p. 165).


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