1st Group - Apostolate and Administration

Fr. Mike Goonan
Fr. Jeff Mickler
Fr. Arcangel Cardenas
Fr. Tony Bautista

2nd Group - Community and Spirituality

Fr. Matthew Roehrig
Fr. Tom Fogarty
Bro. Al Milella
Bro. Richard Brunner

In the afternoon, delegates gathered for the election of the Provincial Councilors. After deliberation, four councilors were elected: Fr. Tony Bautista, Fr. Arcangel Cardenas, Bro. Peter Lyne and Bro. Agustine Condon.

The session continued with the presentation of the two groups focusing on the four aspects of Pauline Life with Bros. Peter Lyne and Augustine Condon joining the assembly.

The assembly was adjourned with the formulation of the program lines for the new Provincial Government and the appointment of Fr. Mike Goonan and Bro. Al Milella as drafters of the final document.