Korea Regional Assembly 2012On September 5, 2012, the Regional Assembly of the Korea Region began with the celebration of the Holy Eucharist in Seoul presided by Fr. Angelo Yeongphil Seo, the Regional Superior. During the Mass, Fr. Angelo welcomed the Superior General, Fr. Silvio Sassi.

The topics considered in the assembly were the reports of the previous regional government presented by the former regional superior, Fr. Maggiorino Sungchul An; the accounting matter by the general bursar, Fr. Bonifatio Hyunki Lee; and the apostolate activities by the general director of apostolate, Br. Tito Yeoungju Seo.   Question period followed..

The first day of the Assembly ended with the Assembly Dinner.


Prior to beginning its Regional Assembly,  the circumscripton of Korea held a one-day preparation retreat on September 4 in which two lectures were presented. The first speaker, Fr. Yoosul Ha M.M., stressed the power of the Holy Spirit and the abundant grace of forgiveness.  The second speaker, Sr. M. Dorotea F.S.P., shared the experience of  pioneering and true brotherhood.