Regional Assembly Korea 2012On September 7, 2012, the last day of the Regional Assembly of the Korea began with the prayer for the Regional Assembly and was followed by the process of amending the final document of the Statute for the Korean Region including the Action Plan for the next triennium. 

Prior to approving the final document, Fr. Ignatious Insoo Hwang was elected to the new regional councilor of the newly formed Regional government of the Korean Region with Fr. Nicholas Yongjun Jo, the other councilor, and Fr. Angelo Yeongphil Seo, the new regional superior, for the next three years. 

In the presence of the Superior General, D. Silvio Sassi, the Regional Assembly for the Korean Region officially concluded at 9 pm on Sep. 7, 2012.

In his closing address to the Assembly, the General Superior, stressed that the brotherhood among the members is the most important thing which the Korea Region should pay attention to in current situation. Also he reminded that fundament elements of the Pauline formation presented by Bl. Alberione are needed to be considered prudently.