Mer, Jui


General Councillor Fr Jose Pottayil is visiting the Australian Region from May 24 to June 3. The purpose of his visit is to accompany the Australian Region as it undertakes a 12-month review of its structures, community and apostolate. A three-day meeting of members took place from May 26-28. On the first day a Columban priest, Fr Noel Connolly led a workshop on living as a multicultural community. The workshop helped us to see how well situated the congregation is to serve the multicultural Australian Church and community.  The following two days were taken up with a review of progress made in realising the Action Lines agreed upon during the meeting with the Superior General, Fr Valdir De Castro, in February of this year. Following the meeting Fr Pottayil traveled to Brisbane with the Regional Delegate, Fr Michael Goonan, where he was able to observe the progress of St Pauls Book Center located in the heart of the city besides St Stephen's Cathedral. We have just celebrated the twentieth anniversary of our book centre apostolate in Brisbane. Earlier he had also been able to visit our newer book center in Parramatta, west of Sydney, to observe its progress as it nears the end of its third year of operation. A very special event during the visit of Fr Pottayil was the celebration of the 65th birthday of Fr Ruben Nadalich.

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