Lun, Ott


From 18-28 November, the Vicar General, Fr Vito Fracchiola, and General Councillor, Fr Jose Pottayil, have been conducting the canonical visitation of the Australian Region. The visit has given them the opportunity to meet individually with each of the members as well as with the Finance Team and the Apostolic Advisory Team, to evaluate the community and apostolic situation of the Region. While they spent most of the visit in the principal house of Strathfield (Sydney) they also visited Brisbane where we operate a book centre and have a small Pauline presence.

A highlight of the visit was the celebration of the feast of Blessed James Alberione with the Pauline Family in Sydney on Saturday, November 26. In the morning Fr Vito gave a presentation on "The Pauline family 'St Paul Alive Today': A Unique Spirituality for Converging Apostolates." In the afternoon, Mass for the feast was celebrated followed by an Aussie bar-q-que.

With the members of the Australian Region gathered for the visitation, it was also an opportune moment to inter the ashes of Fr Ruben Nadalich SSP in the Pauline family section of Rookwood cemetery in Sydney.

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