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Makati, Philippines - February 5, 2012. The 8th Plenary Meeting of the SSP Conference of Asia and the Pacific, and the English-Speaking World (CAP-ESW), formally opened with the Eucharistic...

From the CAP-ESW participants: warmest greetings to all our Pauline Brothers and Sisters in the whole wide world!Situated in the highly urbanized and very busy metropolis of Tokyo, the CAP-ESW...

Tokyo, February 10 – 14, 2009The plenary meeting of the Society of St. Paul CAP-ESW was held at the Provincial House of the Society of St. Paul, Tokyo City from 10 to 14 February 2009....

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Agenda Paolina

12 Junio 2021

Memoria del Cuore Immacolato della B.V. Maria (b)
Is 61,9-11; Cant. 1Sam 2,1.4-8; Lc 2,41-51

12 Mayo 2021

* PD: 1971 Casa DM a Bangalore (India).

12 Junio 2021

FSP: Sr. Margherita Maria Corini (1997) - Sr. Alessia Giannotti (2001) • PD: Sr. M. Vincenza Ferrero (1998) • IMSA: Elsa de Jesus Martins (1980) - Diega Augello (1993) - Orlanda de Oliveira Franco (2016) • ISF: Wanda Mazzi Carlini (2018).